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Adult Choral Festival Concert

Adult Choral Festival Concert Description

This ACF Concert  is the performance of songs, scriptures, poems, and prose for the spiritual and musical uplifting for those who come to listen. 

Concerts are the culmination of enjoyable rehearsals held at a  weekend choir retreat for adults who love to sing and want to sing in the choral tradition. 
The Concerts are held on the Sunday morning of the ACF Weekend Retreat which typically takes place at the end of June.  Concerts are performed at First Mennonite Church at 10:30 am in the Main Sanctuary. If you are interested in attending, admission is free and no seats are reserved at this time.  We, therefore, recommend that you come early to the concert.
If you are interested in singing for this concert, please look for ACF Retreat Kick-Off and Registration information.

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Adult Choral Festival 2018

Plan to join us the last weekend of June 2018.  Mark your calendars now.

The next event has not yet been scheduled. If you would like to see our past events, please click on the gallery link at the top of the page. OR CLICK HERE TO SEE PAST EVENTS

Listen to Archived Concerts

 Adult Choral Festival 2016
Theme: “Home”

Inspired by  HOME,  we recall warm memories at the hearth and and cleave to cherished promises in the heavens.
God ordained a good HOME for us on earth and a promised HOME in heaven for us in the hereafter.  This music empowers us to shape our HOME on earth “as it is in heaven” and  draws us into a feeling of the HOME in heaven. 

Program Bulletin

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 Adult Choral Festival 2014: Theme: “Healing Water”
for Renewal and Hope




“Before there was light, there was water.
Alleluia for the water!”

These lyrics are from a piece by the American composer Daniel Pinkham. The Festival choir will be singing this piece and others on the theme, “Healing Water — songs of renewal and hope,” including arrangements of “O healing river” and “Shall we gather at the river,” a classical masterpiece by Mendelssohn, and a rousing spiritual.

Program Bulletin

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Adult Choral Festival 2012: The Earth is the Lord’s
and the Fullness Thereof!



Adult Choral Festival 2010: O’ Gloria!



Two settings of Gloria exist in Christian liturgy, the “Gloria in excelsis Deo” and the “Gloria Patri.”  The earliest setting of the “Gloria in Excelsis,” Luke 2:14, originated in ancient Greece and was later adapted for use in the early Roman Catholic Mass.   In mass worship, this text is used as the second movement, and is often sung before the gospel is read.

“Gloria in excelsis deo et in terra pax,” contains two supporting tenets of Anabaptist/Protestant development of faith – glory to our Creator and peace to all mankind.  So what does this mean for Protestants of the Mennonite faith? It provides them with many opportunities to correlate music history’s original “great doxology,” with our transformed doxology “Praise God from whom all Blessing Flow,” in worship.  Most importantly, for stewards of the Mennonite faith, it enhances the message of praising God and maintaining peace in a distraught and confused world.

After the reformation, during the sixteenth century, church music morphed into German hymn-like movements of which the Gloria was included. From the German style of singing (unison with organ accompaniment), exploring Europeans adapted these hymns into 4-part a cappella settings in which the current Mennonite doxology exists.  This workshop’s task will be to show correlation of the mass “Gloria,” its development through music history, and its transition into the current doxology.  Understanding this will enlighten one in new ways to use settings of the “Gloria” in worship.

Adult Choral Festival 2008: Hymns –  Singing Our Faith



Adult Choral Festival 2006: Peace In Our Time



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Adult Choral Festival 2004: Holy, Holy, Holy
(Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus)



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Adult Choral Festival 2003: Elijah – Call To Faithfulness




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