Adult Choral Festival

Formerly Same Spirit New Song

The Adult Choral Festival is a weekend choir retreat at which singers come together to learn new songs, perform a concert, eat and snack a little and connect with others who love to sing! All singers are welcome, whether they are veteran choir members or are less experienced.  Please join us for our next choral festival retreat weekend.

Adult Choral Festival Details

Adult Choral Festivals (ACF)  are weekend choir retreats. People who find joy in singing and possess at least some choir experience join together to sing a selection of songs around a specific theme.

The theme is selected by the committee members and songs are selected to fit that theme.  You can expect the song selection to include a variety of styles and range from relatively easy to challenging in an attempt to satisfy the diversity of singers we attract.

We meet from Friday evening to Sunday morning to learn and practice the selectionof songs as a choir over a single summer weekend, typically in June. The choir performs the selections during a church service on Sunday morning.

The festival opens with registration and mingling over snacks on Friday evening.  The starting rehearsal gives a change to start learning the songs, and learning to know the other singers. A “Get Acquainted” time occurs by sections that evening so you meet the people you will stand with.

On Saturday, rehearsals continue through the day. You are invited to join our early morning spiritual meditation time prior to breakfast.  Enjoy breakfast and a healthy lunch with other choral members. Morning and afternoon refresher breaks are also provided to rest your voice.   You can also expect at least one additional social time this day to become more acquainted with people in the other sections of the choir. 

Saturday evening you will be given a choice of entertainment venues available in the Denver area.  A list will be provided for you to choose from at that time, and we highly recommend obtaining this list beforehand should you wish to enjoy what Denver has to offer you.  Certain venues will be highlighted so you can choose the event(s) that are recommended for choir members to do as a group.

On Sunday, before the worship service when the choir performs, the choir members meet for practice one last time. The service is attended by church members, and your family and friends are invited to come as well.  The service is a blend of songs, scripture and other readings to offer spiritual enlightenment and enrichment for the audience as well as choir members. 

After the concert, the entire choir meets for a celebratory “brown bag” meal.  All folders with music are handed back to the committee at this time.  In order to ensure we continue to provide enriching choral experiences, each choral participant is asked to evaluate the retreat and music selection.

Costs for the event are kept to a minimum so that people from all walks of life are able to attend. Meals and snacks are modest but nutritious. We desire the retreat to be all about music, singing and the blending of voices in choral tradtion.

We also collect an offering on Sunday morning to help support our programs.  If you can’t attend, but would like to make a donation, you may write a check to First Mennonite Church with MSMH in the comment line, and send it to First Mennonite, 430 W 9th Avenue, Denver, CO 8020.

Upcoming Adult Choral Festivals

The next event has not yet been scheduled. If you would like to see our past events, please click on the gallery link at the top of the page. OR CLICK HERE TO SEE PAST EVENTS