Charles Ferguson’s Welcome

A Ceremony of Carols

First Mennonite Church

Sunday, December 5, 1999

It all started with a memo from Arlen Hershberger.

October 27, 1997

To: ‘Some Very Important People’
From: ‘Arlen Hershberger’
Re: ‘Lifetime Project’

It was a three pages. Single spaced.

It contained such statements as:

— I have given more than casual thought to the role of music in the modern Mennonite church….

—A commitment to the possibility that the beautiful choral and acapella traditions of the Mennonite Church will grow in use and meaning with succeeding generations….

— The experience at Peace Community Mennonite Church in August (which refers to a mass choir which sang at the dedication of Peace Church’s new facility) was a dramatic reminder of the excitement that a group of people with a passion for singing can generate… There was something moving in the enthusiastic offering of those who participated in the choir and also in the spontaneous, heart-felt response of the people who listened…

— I stand as a commitment to the possibility that the Mennonite Church will experience a renewal of interest in it’s beautiful musical traditions and their origins…

— I invite you to share this commitment with me and become a partner in action…

We have written our Mission Statement. We have copies for you to read and take along with you. Our names and some contact information is on the back of the Mission Statement.

We invite your questions, suggestions, ideas or interest in being called as a volunteer to work on a project sometime in the future.

We warn you… Mr. Hershberger’s enthusiasm is highly contagious.