Music for Retreat 2014

Alleluia for the Waters            Daniel Pinkham

Before There Was Light
Alleluia for the Waters

These are the first and last movements of a five-movement cantata.  They make a nice opening call to praise/worship. It is contemporary in style but the choral parts are not difficult with good voice leading.

Healing River              arr. Herbert Haufrecht

A very nice choral arrangement of a well known song – in gospel style.

My Soul is a River            Ben Allaway

Vidi aquam (I Saw Water)            Michael McCarthy

This is a liturgical text used during Eastertide.  A gorgeous a cappella setting!

As the Hart Longs after the water            Felix Mendelssohn

As the hart longs after the water,
So longeth my soul for Thee, O God.  (Psalm 42)

This is a classical masterpiece.  The choir will sing it in English translation.

River Songs            arr. Joseph M. Martin

A fairly traditional arrangement of several hymn tunes – very accessible.

Take Me to the Water            Rollo Dilworth

“Take me to the water” is based on two African-American spirituals and is in a gospel style.  It will be a challenging piece, but the choir and congregation will love it as a rousing ending to our worship service . . . I don’t think we could even follow it with a benediction!!