Current members include:

  • Susan Graber
  • Leita Bontrager
  • Arlen Swartzendruber
  • Roberta Kandel
  • Emily Martin
  • Marjorie Wall Hofer

The Steering Committee members are dedicated to the preservation of traditional Mennonite choral singing and lively, provocative and dynamic sacred songs.  They come with a variety of backgrounds which include trained professional to soloists, choral conductors in educational and church settings, talented pianists, and all with an appreciation for the beauty of music.

The Steering Committee meets monthly to organize and plan annual, biannual and novel choral events.  Much time is spent on the selection of the conductors for the annual YVP and biannual Adult Festival.  Together with the selected conductor, they establish a theme to guide the choice and variety of music to be performed at the events.  Great care is taken to ensure a wide variety at a level appropriate for the interest and development of choral members, who may or may not be trained professional singers, is chosen for the event.